The Wisdom Keepers

Indigenous Elders attending this year’s Kiva

Margarita Jiménez Orozco & Sergio Tsurayuqui Torres Jimenez – Mexico

Margarita Jiménez Orozco Born in Santa Maria del Oro, Nayarit, wife of spiritual master Sergio Torres and mother of Sergio Tsurayuqui. Margarita began the path of the spiritual martial arts at 23 years old and the Red Road at 25, when legendary chief Raymundo Tigre Perez arrived in Nayarit, they formed a clan called Zicuri and Margarita immersed herself in the cultural and traditional teachings, becoming a Wirikuta pilgrim with Wixarika community Taimarita, led by Marakames Pablo Taizan y Lucia Lemus. Margarita is the co-founder of intertribal ceremonial center Tatepoxco in Tequepexpan Nayarit, which preserves and practices the ceremonies and traditions of our ancestors such as vision quest and temezcal and has kept the prayer and sacred fire of the Kiva for the past 14 years.

Don Eustolio Rivera De La Cruz and Rosalia Lemus de la Rosa – Mexico

Don Eustolio Rivera De La Cruz and Rosalia Lemus de la Rosa are two Marakames (the one that can dream, heal and sing – master shaman) from the Wixarika culture from Mexico. Don Eustolio started his spiritual initiations at 12 years old and today is a legend in Mexico, Rosalia grew up in a cave, naked, until the same age, they both come from unbroken lineages of Marakames, they got married around 65 years ago and have been working together ever since. Living libraries of knowledge with remarkable humility and incredible stories as well as miraculous healing gifts.

Oscar & Jose Armenta – Mexico

Two brothers from Maztlan Mexico, veterans of Wixarika pilgramages to Wirikuta, ceremonial leaders, deer dancers in the Yoremi tradition, they have been working along time with the Kiva lineage. José Valdez Armenta Dancer and deer singer. From the Yoreme community of Juan José Ríos, Guasave Sin. North of mexico. Ex professional soccer player of the Mexican league who, after leaving the career of a sportsman at 23 years old, takes up the path, initiated by the Reverend Raymundo Tigre Pérez, his teachers Sergio Torres and Margarita Giménez, co-founders of the sacred fire of Tatepoxco Tequepexpan, Santa Maria del Oro, Mexico. Temazcalero, visionary of the mountain, runner of peace and dignity, pilgrim of the sacred wirikuta desert with the Wirrarika community Yurata, Nayarit. Currently he continues learning traditional and millenary medicine.

Grandmother Pilar Vergés – Spain

Born in Catalonia, she is the guardian of the hermitage on the mountain of San Miquel, from which radiates the healing and the consciousness of all living beings. Guardian of very ancient lineages of medicine and the sacred feminine, she has received guidance and has worked with the wise grandmothers of the Amazon and the Red Road.

Chris Park – UK

Chris lives in a luxurious hedge with his family on the Oxfordshire/Wiltshire border. Surrounded by beehives, cow pats and sweet organic land, he maintains a good life through arts & crafts and varying projects. He keeps bees there in an array of different styles from log-hives to a bee-house and most things in between. Chis is always aiming to strengthen our connections to the natural environment and to each other, building knowledge, skills & community. Encouraging us to gain a greater awareness of roots and culture, deepening one’s sense of place, identity and wellbeing.


Jyoti (Jeneane Prevatt, PhD) is an internationally renowned spiritual teacher. She has cultivated projects that demonstrate ways of life that honour the Earth and all Peoples.
As the Spiritual Director of the Centre for Sacred Studies, she co-founded Kayumari, an international spiritual healing community with centres both in America and Europe.

Kurukindi – Ecuador

Kurikindi is a Kichwa Amazonian Shaman. He was born in the rainforests of Ecuador and into to an ancient line of shamanic families. Kurikindi has over 36 years of experience. Since very young he was immersed in the shamanic way of life.

Erika Gagnon – Canada

Erika Gagnon is a Canadian ceremonial leader and wisdom keeper of mixed race ancestry, who has walked the “ Camino Rojo/Red Road ” for 24 years, working with Indigenous elders of North & South America and their ceremonies, traditions & medicinal plants. She has walked through the altars of the Vision Quest, Sun Dance and Danza de los Epiritus, and has the blessing of her elders to continue their traditions and lead Temazcal (sweat lodges), water blessing, tobacco and other healing ceremonies

Jarmbi – Austraila

Jarmbi is a Custodian of the Northern Rivers from the Githabul & Ngarakwal tribes. Jarmbi’s journey to becoming an awakened indigenous man began after a turbulent childhood and adolescence; after becoming a husband and father of two boys, with the what may seem curious mix of alcohol and spirit, he found himself on a journey of self-discovery at the age of 31. Once alcohol was removed from the picture he understood his pathway was predestined to coming back to his tribal homelands in the northern rivers as a sovereign, connected spirit.

Kazumi Ohishi – Japan

Born in Okinawa, an island off the south coast of Japan, Kazumi is a Kaminchu, a type of shaman who deals with the Gods. They communicate with higher beings, using the physical body to receive messages. Kaminchu are born psychics and each one carries a different spiritual role. Traditionally a Kaminchu does not appear in front of people, however Kazumi has been receiving messages regarding the future of the Earth and Humankind and so she has come to the decision that is time to reveal these messages and predictions regarding the spiritual and natural world to people around the world.

Dion Kummt’sa Ben Dieretnull – Namibia

Dion Kummt’sa Ben Diere is a traditional healer of the Khomani San, from the Xo tradition in central and northern Namibia. He was trained in the trance and medicine
dances by Dr. Kunta, and in ceremonial and ritual work by Oom Jan. Baba Credo Mutwa, the esteemed South African sanusi, is his spiritual guide.

Che Jose Zamora Lizarraga – Mexico

José Zamora Lizárraga Originally from Stone Island, Mazatlán Sin. Mexico. His beginnings on the red path are since his childhood, through plants and traditional medicine. He is fisherman of profession, father of two daughters, homelike person, kind with a beautiful simplicity. Wirikuta desert pilgrim with the community Wirrarika Yurata Nayarit. Temazcalero, visionary of the mountain and corridor of Peace and Dignity, comes from the fire of Raymundo Tigre Pérez in the community of Tatepoxco Nayarit. Active collaborator of the Kivas in England and Mexico.

Rahaman David Brown – UK

Rahaman is a dude, he hasas many years experience in intentional communities throughout the world, he is a stone mason and leads sweat-lodges in Lakota style ceremonies.

Cristina Rivas-Mexico

Curandara from Xochimilco, on the out skirts of Mexico city, she works with healing plants, massage and techniques from the ancient traditions of Mexico.

The Blue Lions are a band of Sikh warriors belonging to the ancient lineage of the Warrior Akali Nihang Singhs. They perform Spiritual Indian Classical music called kirtan, reciting mantras in specific ragas that have a profound effect on the mind and body to further become One with the Soul.
The Akali Nihang Singhs live a life of service, a duty that is maintained within each moment for everything in existence. This unconditional service is a core principle in the Sikh faith and is referred to as Seva. The Blue Lions travel around the world performing music in settings ranging from headlining the O2 London with Basement Jaxx, performing with Bob Dylan and Anna
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