The Kiva’s Address

Greenings Bungalow
Fowlmere road
Sg8 6ez

The sat nav normally does not take you right up to the site, but there will be a sign on Fowlmere road pointing to ‘KIVA’.

There are a few stations near the site- Meldreth is the closest, Royston is 10 minutes drive, Stevenage is 25 minutes away. Stevenage often has direct routes from London whereas Meldreth and Royston usually have one or two changes.

If you are coming from abroad the best airports to use are Stansted (closest-around 30mins), Luton and Heathrow.

The closest accommodation is The Cambridge Motel. If you search ‘hotels (or BnBs)
near SG86EZ it will show you all the places available.

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