Important Information Please Read

What to Bring

• Please bring some extra cash for spending in the craft shops, cafe etc.
• Tents, bedding, teddy bears, torches, umbrellas and sun hats,
   wet weather gear (just in case), toilet paper.
• Warm clothes.
• Sheepskins, mats to sit on.
• Sweat lodge clothes: dresses for women, shorts for men.
• Cutlery, cups, bowls. 
• Musical instruments, drums etc…
• Tobacco, sage, cedar, sacred objects etc…
• Organic soaps and toiletries.
• Please bring some spare cash as there will be an opportunity to receive healings from some of the Elders (this is the only way they can generate funds as they give their time freely to be at the Kiva).

We will have a large communal tent for meetings and gatherings as well as a communal fire.

What not to Bring:

No Dogs please!

We are asking all participants to refrain from the use of alcohol and all recreational drugs for the duration of the Kiva.

We will be living together as a community for the duration of the four days, there will plenty of opportunities to help with various tasks around the campsite, all help will be very welcome to us! 

Karma Yoga

Gift culture, giving from the heart, the energy we put in will come back to us multiplied and help in co-creating our community!

We ask everyone to pitch in and help during their stay. A stint of washing up in the kitchen, helping prepare a meal, cleaning the showers and toilets, looking after the fires inside the Kiva and the sweat-lodges etc. The more energy you put in the more connected to the prayer you will feel.

Typical Daily Schedule:

2nd July-Thursday:

Kiva starts on Friday morning- people can arrive in afternoon/evening on the Thursday to put up tents and get settled in. If you arrive on this first day please be responsible for your own food! Our kitchen will not be up and running until the Friday- but there will be a cafe selling drinks, teas, coffee and snacks.

3rd July-Friday:

The sacred sweat lodge fire will be lit, everyone welcome.

First sweat lodge of the day.


The sacred Kiva fire will be lit, this fire will burn continuously for the four days, the Elders will go into the Kiva to pray and then everyone will process into the Kiva and leave any sacred objects on the West Altar, to be charged with all the prayers of the four days until the end of the Kiva. (Anything placed inside cannot be taken away until the last day). 

12:30 pm

Talks by elders, workshops, healings and sharings etc.


Evening meal

Quiet time, so those that want to sleep, can sleep.

4th July Saturday:

Same as previous days schedule except for two Kiva ceremonies one at approx 10am and the other approx 6pm.

5th July Sunday:

Same as previous days schedule

6th July Monday :

We start again with our daily sweatlodges , this will be the last sweat lodges of the Gathering.


The last Kiva-ceremony, the Elders will close their prayers after 4 days, and then everyone is welcome inside the Kiva to give thanks to Mother Earth and to reclaim your personal Sacred items from the West altar.

Close of Kiva



You are welcome to stay another night please be responsible for your own food. 

There will be a dance celebration this evening with various musical styles for those that have the stamina, please, we would love you to stay and celebrate the completion of this third year! 

19th June Tuesday

Please leave by 11am so we can begin to clear up thank you

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