Welcome to the Kiva

Each Kiva gathering is a ceremony of prayer for four days, where we have the opportunity to pray with Indigenous Elders from around the world.

We would urge where-ever possible come for the duration of the Kiva, this is a 4 day ceremony and like all ceremonies it has an opening and a closing and in-between is where the magic happens……..be fully a part of the magic….. this is what is being called for, in these times.

The ceremony is centred around the Kiva structure, a 13m circular excavation dug into the earth as an altar that allows us and the Elders to physically go under the earth to pray and give thanks. A central fire burns inside this Kiva altar for the four days. 

We gather inside and around the Kiva alter twice each day followed by the sharing of the Indigenous knowledge from the elders. Temezcals (Sweat lodges) are offered morning and evening to purify ourselves and strengthen our focus for the prayer. When we are not praying inside the Kiva there are many chances to share the cultures of our invited indigenous guests; their stories, music, rituals and medicines. 

The Kiva happens for four years and each year has a different focus. After two beautiful and powerful years we now prepare for the third ceremony with Indigenous Elders and wisdom keepers gathering all across the world to come and join us in this powerful act of gratitude. 

By collectively gathering to show our gratitude to Mother Earth we are co-creating a huge amount of positive energy for the world that needs it now more than ever! Sustainability, community living, harmony with nature and spiritual awakening are not just themes talked about during the Kiva but are real, tangible components of its structure, felt and experienced in the four days of communal life. The Kiva is truly a life-changing event, each one around the world having its own unique adaptations but keeping the same sacred format, following the teachings of indigenous leader Raymundo Tigre Perez.

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